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Plyman sponsors students for the Auckland heritage festival

As part of the Auckland wide Heritage Festival, the University of Auckland’s School of Architecture and Planning and Auckland Council are collaborating on the event Here Now: Re-imagining New Lynn.

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We now offer a delivery service for Plywood in the Auckland region

To make things easy for our Auckland customers we are offering a delivery service when you purchase any of our products. For more information give us a call on 0800 759 626 today.

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Current Specials

Plywood of the Week

9mm D/D – excellent value


6.5mm H3.2 C/d downgrade

Is the ideal plywood for cladding plyhouses or dog kennels. It is non structural but with one reasonable face.


12mm H3.2 C/d downgrade

This plywood is non structural also ideal for cladding your non permit barns and garden sheds. Perfect ply for cheap application.


21mm H3.2 C/d downgrade and 19mm H3.2 Downgrade

Ideal for flooring applications for bathrooms or shed floors and comes with one clean side.


9mm D/D untreated 2400 x 1200

This plywood is perfect for backing of furniture ideal for cladding interior of garages or sheds also non structural.


12mm Budget- 2440 x 1220

This plywood is very cheap ideal for application that are going to expose both sides of the plywood as it has 2 clean faces it is a non structural plywood.


19mm 2400 x 1200 H3.2 Downgrade

Ideal for flooring applications for bathrooms or shed floors and comes with one cle


Plywood Tutorials

Got that burning desire to build something? Do it better, easier and cheaper with a few sheets of ply, and our easy step-by-step instructions! View more examples on our tutorials page or request a tutorial and go in the monthly draw to win $100 store credit.

Core Products

Plywood & Panels

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Specialising in plywood panels for the marine, furniture and joinery and construction industries, all Plyman product supplied is of quality manufacture.

MDF Panels

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MDF is a cost-effective way to get any project going, either just on it’s own, or as a base underneath our laminates.

Natural Veneer Panels

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We manufacture a full range of custom pressed veneers on a choice of substrates, including MDF and plywood.

Wood Veneer Laminates

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Our range of wood veneer laminates are a great way to achieve stunning, real-wood finishes at much more affordable price.

Other Products

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Plyman stocks selected Resin and Hardeners for sealing, coating and bonding, Edgetape, Plywood Seconds and more. We do order in particular glues, fillers and edgetape by request.


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We always have offcuts available in the ‘Offcut Bin’ that sell for no more than $10.00. You know what they say- “one man’s junk…”!