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We carry a huge range of Plywood, MDF Panels, Veneer Panels, Laminates and more. Check out our Products pages to find something that suits.

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Current Specials

18mm Melawhite Gloss


$91.00 incl GST

This is an ideal material for your kitchen application.  Offering you 2 clean faces with a wipe down surface.


18mm Plyman Ultra Lining


$82.22 incl GST

This is a quality plywood with a hardwood Okoume face and back.  As a BB/CC grade ply it is made of an eucalyptus core with a moisture resistant adhesive allowing you to use in areas that may soak moisture.  Ideal for interior lining, Marine interior, cabinetry, floor substrate.


18mm Plyman Standard Lining


$79.50 incl GST

When you need to line your shed or barn and want a surface but price is the bigger factor……then look no further!  This is Okoume face BB/CC with a poplar core nice and light to work with, glued together with a moisture resistant adhesive.  Ideal for interior lining, ceiling, garage DIY.


18mm Particle Board


$62.21 incl GST

This particle board is a cheap substrate for your internal use that also offers a light weight, easy to handle material.


7mm Mixed Hardwood C/D


$50.60 incl GST

Hardwood is one great value to this plywood but also being WBP glue makes it even better.  It can be used in a wet area as long as sealed correctly.


Core Products

Plywood & Panels

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Specialising in plywood panels for the marine, furniture and joinery and construction industries, all Plyman product supplied is of quality manufacture.

MDF Panels

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MDF is a cost-effective way to get any project going, either just on it’s own, or as a base underneath our laminates.

Natural Veneer Panels

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We manufacture a full range of custom pressed veneers on a choice of substrates, including MDF and plywood.

Wood Veneer Laminates

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Our range of wood veneer laminates are a great way to achieve stunning, real-wood finishes at much more affordable price.

Other Products

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Plyman stocks selected Resin and Hardeners for sealing, coating and bonding, Edgetape, Plywood Seconds and more. We do order in particular glues, fillers and edgetape by request.


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We always have offcuts available in the ‘Offcut Bin’ that sell for no more than $10.00. You know what they say- “one man’s junk…”!