Form Ply F2S 2400x1200mm (Hardwood core)

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Concrete Form Plywood is basically a high-density film-faced structural plywood manufactured for concrete forming. This plywood has a “Plastic” or phenolic impregnated paper overlay to give excellent off form finishes and multiple re-uses.  Edges are also usually sealed.  (For full details see the attached spec sheet).
Formply is normally manufactured in 4 stress grades ranging from F11 to F22 in 3 gluelines Type A, Type B and even Type C (INTERIOR).  Care must be taken to specify the right type for the right job.  E.g. It would be illadvised to use a Type C bonded formply where long term exposure to the elements would apply.

N.B. Formply is NOT Marine Plywood.

Product Information
  • 12mm
  • 17mm Face Two Sides
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