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1 Sheet-of-Ply, 2 Tables!

  • Plyman Ply & Panel Auckland - 1 Sheet-of-Ply, 2 Tables!

This ingenious table design allows you to get two for the price of one (kind of…)! It’s all about making the most of your ply, and in this case that means you’ll need to really break out your best saw-skills. If you’re lucky enough to have a laser/water cutter you’ll save a bunch of time (but you’ll obviously lose the hard-won satisfaction of a manual saw!)

What you Need:

Step 1: Mark and Cut

The first step is to mark out your cuts on the face of your ply. Print out the cutting diagram adjacent and use this as a guide- though you’ll obviously have to do the scaling up on your own!

If you draw correctly and to the edges, you should end up with legs about 700mm tall.

When you’re all marked up, get out your Jigsaw and get cutting. Take your time as the stability and snug fit of the finished product depend on accurate cuts.

Step 2: Check, Sand, Finish

With your pieces cut out, have a go at fitting them together. Make sure everything fits snug and level.

Of course you got it spot on, so now it’s up to you to sand it all off to a fine standard, and choose how you want to finish it, be it with a few coats of paint, some stain, or if you want a really class finish, consider using one of our laminates.

Step 3: Assemble

With your pieces all finished it’s time to do the final assemble. The beauty of the design  means that you shouldn’t need to use any screws or glue.. however if you do want to up the permanance and stability, then lay down some wood glue on the mark where the legs cross, and along the edges where the table top lays upon the legs. You may even want to whip a few screws in more extra good measure.

Tutorial Thanks/Credit/Rights Reserved to: barnabygunning/

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