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Offcut Candle Holders

  • Plyman Ply & Panel Auckland - Offcut Candle Holders

Surprise your loved one with this super simple gift-worthy afternoon knockup. What better to use up those scrappy off-cuts!

What you Need:

  • Offcuts – We have a whole bin of these if you don’t already have any saved up at home. Pick out as many different grains/types/colours as you can. The more variety the nicer the look.
  • Wood glue
  • Forstner bit – slightly larger than candles you want to use (roughly 40mm for a tea candle- but make sure to measure the ones you want to use!). If you don’t have one, you can studiously carve out the holes using a power drill but this may take a wee while!
  • Sand paper – 60, 100 and 200 (or similar grits)
  • Clear coat and a paint bush, and again sandpaper – this time about 300 grit
  • Some clamps are also helpful, but aren’t necessary – something heavy works just as fine

Step 1: Cut

Let’s keep this one simple!

Cut your offcuts into equal sized squares, at any size you like, but big enough to fit the candle-hole and some padding.

Step 2: Glue

Glue the pieces together to form a near-cube. Use the clamps to make sure you get a tight bond, or place something nice and heavy on top if you don’t have’em.

Step 3: Carve

Mark out the center of your squares and whip out your drill. Excavate the hole where your candle will sit. You can either do this to the height of your intended candles for a flush finish, drill deeper for a sunken look, or keep it shallow so your candles stand up above. In anycase, be careful not to drill the whole way through!

Step 4: Finish

Get out your sand paper and wipe that sucker down till it’s smooth as a baby’s bottom. The look doesn’t arrive until you stain it though so don’t get lazy. The finish is what really takes this piece from the bin to the mantle!

Tutorial Thanks/Credit/Rights Reserved to: boardersheep/

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